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A. Customer service scope:

1. All of the company's production of products, product delivery accepted, we shall be the customer the product to establish independent files, easy to customers after regular tracking, regular service.

2. After service regularly visit tracking according to different equipment. Every year more than five times the regular phone pays a return visit, understand the equipment running status, timely maintenance schemes of the commission reasonable, and the operator of the customer daily operation doubt exchanges and solutions.

3. Operation instruction. The assembly equipment to the customers free guide installation and commissioning, free guidance equipment system maintenance staff independent operation, maintenance and simple troubleshooting.

2. Purification equipment after-sales maintenance terms

All products from the date of acceptance in the man and all factors such as the force majeure outside under normal use free maintains for a year, the lifetime maintenance and technical support services; Because of improper use of the fault appears provide paid after sales.

1. The equipment installation acceptance by the after effects and that deformation, perforation, GuaHua, off paint, the phenomenon such as bump broken glass;

2. Use undeserved cause deformation or fracture, so that the electric doesn't work, the control panel of the switch on the break or cracked, indicator crack or a battered wipe the phenomenon such as;

3. Time relay bad keys, that he can't recover, fluorescent lamp and chimney crack or smash, pick the wrong line burn out the transformer, level devices all accessories etc phenomenon;

4. To mobile devices, so that the equipment can't work normally, alter by oneself circuit, so that the equipment can't work normally;

5. Other personnel climbing equipment caused part prolapse, shake handshandle fall off the phenomenon such as deformation and loose, other man-made equipment failure;

Filter in the use process outside force damage;

3. After-sales service requirements:

1. All responsible for after-sales service personnel must wear company work clothes, wear licensing according to the predetermined time on time for the user to provide corresponding door to door service.

2. Paying attention to service attitude. In the service process, communicating with others should be gentle attitude, and customer talk not violence lousy, more do not quarrel with customers, dispute.

3. The door to provide service or to never have to solve the problem, the client shall be in after-sales service list fill in opinions and signature.

4. Door-to-door service solve problems for three days, personnel arrangements to the users' phone pays a return visit, to confirm whether related problems can be solved, users are satisfied for service, etc.

Four. After-sales service time requirements:

No matter whether it is free or not paid after-sales service after sales service, the customer to equipment questions back to the company after, in our out ways, customers confirmation after scheme;

1. The pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta range arrive within 24 hours after sales service to solve problem;

2. Other areas are often reach the site within 48 hours after sales service to solve problems, special remote areas within 96 hours longest arrived at the scene to solve problems after-sales service;

Warm prompt

A. Repair and maintenance

1. According to the environment of cleanliness, regular (first, in the general effect for 1 ~ 6 months, efficient general for six to 12 months) replacement filters.

2. Regular (general every two months a) with dust particle counter with this product implementation purification determination of cleanliness, when measured with the requirements of the cleanliness is not clean, should find out why (leaks, efficient if there is failure, etc.) if efficient filter already failure, it should be replaced new efficient filter.

3. Replace high-efficient filter and first, medium effect should be shut down for when the filter.

4. Replace efficient filter should pay attention to the following items:

Hepa filter change should pay special attention to open a case = handling and installation to ensure that when filter paper intact, ban on the use of hand touches the filter damage caused.

Before installation, will new efficient filter to the lights above to macroscopic observation efficient filter for transportation and whether failure reasons, such as the filter paper is can't use loopholes.

Hepa filter change should be first remove the box cover, then remove layering, then will the efficient filter out the failure, and put on a new efficient filter (note efficient filter air flow arrow mark should be and the purification unit of the same direction of flow out of the atmosphere), that border after sealing will back in the box.

2. Security matters:

1. The basic security matters

Please don't in the dust source and the focal place.

Please don't use volatile oil, diluent, corrosive solvent such as the wipe, lest hurt and lacquer layer or cause color;

Banned for series place: low temperature, high temperature and high humidity, condensation, dusty and lampblack, the fog place;

Ensure maintenance space in order to fan, filter and the replacement of the electrical components and line maintenance;

Equipment for material if light stainless steel mirror, do not use hand and good thing scratch panel, affect beautiful.

2. Electrical safety matters:

First the product in place after the wiring, answer the power plug homework, lest cause injury

Please confirm the product of the rated voltage, frequency and power supply input parameters whether conform to, to avoid the damage of electrical components, fires;

Air shower room fan is commonly three-phase 380 V power, if at the can lead to fan reversal, wind speed down or no wind speed, right now just pick any two phase change, can resume normal work.

3. The operation safety matters

No special requirements, the product has no explosion proof ability, is prohibited in inflammable and explosive environment use, if need to explosion-proof series, please before the order statement;

In normal atmospheric conditions, this product power input section and cabinet or leak of conductive part of the insulation between the resistance value should be more than 20 million mu, the insulation resistance value after the humidity should be greater than 20 million mu;

Banned in a minute repeatedly the power switch, lest because of frequent operation and damaged electrical components;

Put through power supply two-door immediately interlock, can open one door, can't the same time forced open the door, can damage otherwise two-door interlock system;

The wind/goods shower room series product, in an emergency, press the abrupt stop switch, two-door as can be turned on at the same time as a safe exit door and fire channel;

Find work such as the abnormal, cut off the power supply should be timely, and notify the relevant personnel maintenance treatment, or with the product or the distributor contact;

Overhaul should cut off power supply first, in order to avoid accidentally starting operation, and caused personal injury;

It is strictly prohibited to modification, lest cause shock and fire accident. To the problems of the modified cause, not warranty scope;

Replace fuse, to ensure that its capacity shall not exceed the specified capacity, lest cause fire;

 equipment long-term out of service, please disconnect the power supply;

 please grounded.