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Talent concept:

Gathering talents grow together

Talent management concept:

1、Not only does not only degree qualifications not stick to one pattern

2、Decentralization by incentive growth

Sales engineers
Job description:
1、Technical secondary school degree or above, have the product sales working experience, can a, do not need to travel.
2、Familiar with the industry product market, have the corresponding product sales experience, understand the mainstream industry technology.
3、Good communication skills, high business coordination, communication, processing, negotiating skills, ability to exploit market network.
4、Have the ability of new market control strong, has some of the contacts basis.
5、Keep a good attitude and norms of behavior, the promotion enterprise and its product reputation and customer satisfaction.
6、A strong sense of responsibility, patience, has the good team cooperation spirit, maintain the company's image.
7、Can use computer office software。
8、Part of complete technical support work, technical communication with customers.
Welfare treatment:
Package: 2000-5000, and other project commission
Individual insurance: five risks a gold