Product name: Coconut Filter Screen


Detailed information


1.       Adopting length fiber of coconut curling, spraying and compacting by rolling; not easy to fall off

2.       The fiber no have structure direction, but in uniform distribution so the dust collecting capacity is high, pressure loss is low;

3.       High adsorptive power, especially have favorable dust collecting capacity for spray mist of dry-type painting.

4.       With features of chemical resistance, water resistance, light resistance, flame resistance, water permeability, air permeability






1.Suitable for general coarse dust filter system; dry-type coating project, like spray paint platform, paint mist pouring out system of automobile spray paint room.

2. it can be used in the following site : automobile spray paint room, factory painting workshop, central air conditioning pipe filter, condensing water and reduce noise, separate water and grease, sewage sludge treatment plant, water plant, cooling tower, swimming pool, pond, breed egg collection, etc.


common dimension


1.    500*500*30mmT

2.    500*500*50mmT


can be make according to the client's requirement.