Product name: De-dust filter cartridge


Detailed information

Our company produced filter cartridge can be divided into three categories

according to filtering materials: 


. Wood pulp fiber paper filter cartridge characteristics:

1. It adopts U.S.andWestern Europequalified and efficient wood pulp fiber material, which not only has a small aperture, strong permeability, low resistance, but also high efficiency and large filtering area characteristics etc.

2. It adopts the international advanced folding process technology, evenly spaced

3. Filter cartridge end cap and the internal and external protective net are made of high quality audio-visual board, not only have good strength, but also have good performance of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

4. Low hardness and high strength of closed-cell foam rubber sealing ring make the filter out of ordinary.

5. The adhesive comes from Henkel company,without degumming or cracking phenomena. Scope of application: gas turbine, centrifugal air compressor, large unit machine entrance filtration and powder coating line for powder recovery system.


Long fiber polyester filter cartridge characteristics:


1. It adopts U.S. Japan or other countries selected high strength synthesizing polyester fiber non-woven fabric material, the fiber is smooth tubular, fibers cross each other, opening is small space, more evenly distributed, with good filtration performance.

2. Equipped with polyester long fiber filter materials, the filter cartridge not only has good acid and alkali resistance, high filtering efficiency, small running resistance, compared with traditional filter, it also has the incomparable characteristics such as wear resistance ,high strength, endure broken. it can be easily clean by pulse reverse blowing or by water cleaning, which does not damage the material, it can be repeatedly use, long service life.

3. Tough durable polyester filter combined with anti-corrosion steel net supporting structure, this filter cartridge also adopts open type folding design which increased the effective filter area and can make sure constant air flow through the surface smoothly.

4. Compare with traditional filter, the filter area increased by two to three times, reduced the pressure loss, improving the filtration efficiency, long service life. Application scope: iron and steel, cement, chemical industry, machinery, tobacco, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, thermal power, environmental protection and other production line recycle materials, dust purification