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The bedroom is the relationship between health everyone health is an important part of, for whatever adults, children, the patient will inside the bedroom activities and sleep, most people stay inside the bedroom to account for more than half of 24 hours.

The bedroom is the influence of various health and pollution, and from the nature will tell, can be divided into three categories: the first kind is chemistry, mainly from decoration, furniture, toys, gas water heater, kill insect spray, cosmetics, smoke, the kitchen lampblack, mainly is the volatile organic compounds, such as toluene, xylene, acetic acid ethyl ester, toluene diisocyanate, formaldehyde...... ; Inorganic compounds have ammonia, CO and CO2, etc.; The second categories is physical, mainly from outdoor and indoor electrical equipment, mainly is the noise, the electromagnetic radiation, light pollution, etc.; The third categories is biological, mainly from improper use carpet, plush toys, bedding, basically have mites and other bacteria, etc.

Formaldehyde and ammonia to the human body function, is irritating to eyes and respiratory tract mucous membrane is the stimulation, the low concentration is to stimulate the main symptoms, itchy eyes, dry eye, sneeze, dry throat, runny nose, high concentration can produce inflammation. For the respiratory system the sick to pay more attention to. The United States environmental protection agency (EPA) in, do a lot of research after, set a bad for building syndrome (SBS), the main symptoms are: have peculiar smell, itchy eyes, dry eye, dry throat, runny nose, sneezing, and so on.

You also don't 谈虎色变, because to high levels of pollution statistics few, another can be prevented, first prevention measures is to strengthen ventilated, the economy is the most effective measures of natural ventilation; In winter or central air conditioning type bedroom, can choose to use air purifier.

Many varieties on the market at present, how to choose the ideal purifier, one is targeted, if indoor's just finished, air pollutants in more, want to choose a more integrated purifier; 2 it is to be effective; Three is no secondary pollution (such as noise is low, do not produce other hazardous substances); Four is failure has instructions device, such as a chemical process to the activated carbon adsorption ammonia, time will be activated carbon failure, such as with color to instructions, users know that the failure of a replacement materials; Five is easy to use, such as economy, beautiful, but the most important is effective.